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Best laptimes for Enzo Philippau
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
03:08.759S1:01:06.218 S2:01:24.585 S3:00:37.956
01:06.21801:24.58537.9562020-06-16 14:31
Barcelona-Catalunya ClubGinetta G57Track A
00:36.046S1:00:17.750 S2:00:08.709 S3:00:09.587
17.7508.7099.5872021-02-21 18:23
Barcelona-Catalunya ClubMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
00:38.500S1:00:18.921 S2:00:09.239 S3:00:10.340
18.9219.23910.3402021-02-21 18:11
Barcelona-Catalunya ClubPorsche 911 GT1-98GT1
00:38.965S1:00:19.063 S2:00:09.316 S3:00:10.586
19.0639.31610.5862021-02-21 18:05
Barcelona-Catalunya GPPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3
01:43.673S1:00:27.733 S2:00:39.461 S3:00:36.479
27.73339.46136.4792021-02-23 19:44
Brands Hatch Classic RallycrossChevrolet Corvette C7.RGTE
00:42.749S1:00:19.481 S2:00:07.965 S3:00:15.303
19.4817.96515.3032021-02-21 17:53
Brands Hatch IndyMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
00:41.520S1:00:16.259 S2:00:10.361 S3:00:14.900
16.25910.36114.9002020-11-21 17:29
Chesterfield Karting CircuitKartKart
00:35.134S1:00:08.851 S2:00:08.780 S3:00:17.503
8.8518.78017.5032020-06-18 20:35
Donington Park NationalFormula XFX
00:45.858S1:00:17.621 S2:00:11.979 S3:00:16.258
17.62111.97916.2582020-06-02 14:07
Donington Park NationalDallara IR-12 Honda (Road Course)Indy
00:51.742S1:00:20.001 S2:00:13.438 S3:00:18.303
20.00113.43818.3032020-06-02 21:49
Donington Park NationalFerrari F50 GTGT1
00:59.061S1:00:23.041 S2:00:15.682 S3:00:20.338
23.04115.68220.3382020-06-02 13:36
Donington Park NationalToyota GT-One (1998)GT1
00:59.179S1:00:22.863 S2:00:15.841 S3:00:20.475
22.86315.84120.4752020-06-02 13:10
Donington Park NationalMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
00:59.359S1:00:23.099 S2:00:15.665 S3:00:20.595
23.09915.66520.5952020-06-02 12:53
Donington Park NationalBAC MonoRoad B
01:05.101S1:00:25.239 S2:00:17.447 S3:00:22.415
25.23917.44722.4152021-05-20 22:09
Hockenheim ShortGinetta G57Track A
00:53.900S1:00:13.521 S2:00:21.425 S3:00:18.954
13.52121.42518.9542021-05-21 14:42
Indianapolis Road CourseDallara IR-12 Honda (Road Course)Indy
01:08.460S1:00:20.205 S2:00:23.137 S3:00:25.118
20.20523.13725.1182020-06-13 16:59
Long Beach Street CircuitGinetta G57Track A
01:10.380S1:00:19.597 S2:00:24.320 S3:00:26.463
19.59724.32026.4632021-05-21 14:56
Long Beach Street CircuitMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
01:11.644S1:00:19.829 S2:00:24.892 S3:00:26.923
19.82924.89226.9232020-06-18 20:26
Long Beach Street CircuitRadical SR8-RXTrack A
01:14.597S1:00:20.907 S2:00:25.637 S3:00:28.053
20.90725.63728.0532020-06-16 15:19
Red Bull Ring GPFormula Renault 3.5FR35
01:17.337S1:00:18.798 S2:00:33.281 S3:00:25.258
18.79833.28125.2582020-06-03 12:04
Red Bull Ring GPGinetta G57Track A
01:19.400S1:00:19.239 S2:00:34.059 S3:00:26.102
19.23934.05926.1022021-05-21 15:17
Red Bull Ring GPRenault Sport R.S. 01RS01 Trophy
01:23.557S1:00:20.237 S2:00:35.502 S3:00:27.818
20.23735.50227.8182020-06-03 13:09
Red Bull Ring NationalFormula Renault 3.5FR35
00:40.243S1:00:13.585 S2:00:14.014 S3:00:12.644
13.58514.01412.6442021-05-21 15:31
Red Bull Ring NationalKTM X-Bow RRoad D
00:51.138S1:00:17.213 S2:00:17.523 S3:00:16.402
17.21317.52316.4022021-05-21 15:41
Silverstone NationalNissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (R35)GT3
00:53.819S1:00:13.104 S2:00:18.814 S3:00:21.901
13.10418.81421.9012021-07-23 16:05
Silverstone StoweRenault Sport R.S. 01RS01 Trophy
00:45.531S1:00:13.657 S2:00:15.761 S3:00:16.113
13.65715.76116.1132020-06-03 12:22
ZolderFerrari 488 GT3GT3
01:30.759S1:00:32.859 S2:00:28.340 S3:00:29.560
32.85928.34029.5602021-07-23 15:51

Enzo Philippau has set 27 leaderboard times and holds 2 World Records! Well done!