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Best laptimes for JC | McNeil
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
02:59.738S1:01:02.958 S2:01:20.359 S3:00:36.421
01:02.95801:20.35936.4212018-06-14 18:15
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAudi R18 (Le Mans 2016)LMP1 2016
03:14.347S1:01:07.399 S2:01:28.500 S3:00:38.448
01:07.39901:28.50038.4482018-06-20 16:22
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
03:19.734S1:01:09.833 S2:01:30.422 S3:00:39.479
01:09.83301:30.42239.4792018-05-02 16:27
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitPorsche 919 HybridLMP1 2016
03:22.702S1:01:10.521 S2:01:31.579 S3:00:40.602
01:10.52101:31.57940.6022018-06-09 11:49
Brands Hatch GPFerrari F40 LMGTO
01:32.540S1:00:36.889 S2:00:27.750 S3:00:27.901
36.88927.75027.9012018-08-11 14:12
Hockenheim Classic GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:45.880S1:00:36.345 S2:00:41.279 S3:00:28.256
36.34541.27928.2562018-04-30 15:57
Hockenheim GPFormula XFX
01:17.640S1:00:17.108 S2:00:36.155 S3:00:24.377
17.10836.15524.3772018-07-22 20:10
Hockenheim GPAudi R18 (Fuji 2016)LMP1 2016
01:23.039S1:00:18.359 S2:00:38.623 S3:00:26.057
18.35938.62326.0572018-07-22 20:00
Le Mans Vintage TrackSauber C9 LM Mercedes-BenzGr. C
03:05.335S1:01:04.895 S2:01:29.060 S3:00:31.380
01:04.89501:29.06031.3802018-06-05 18:44
Monza GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:31.606S1:00:32.434 S2:00:32.359 S3:00:26.813
32.43432.35926.8132017-12-15 11:12
Monza GPToyota GT-One (1998)GT1
01:41.440S1:00:35.199 S2:00:36.288 S3:00:29.953
35.19936.28829.9532017-12-15 11:24
Monza ShortAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
00:40.094S1:00:13.101 S2:00:17.280 S3:00:09.713
13.10117.2809.7132017-10-06 12:27
Monza ShortBMW V12 LMRLMP900
00:43.252S1:00:14.087 S2:00:18.800 S3:00:10.365
14.08718.80010.3652017-10-11 19:14
Monza ShortToyota GT-One (1998)GT1
00:44.621S1:00:14.979 S2:00:19.250 S3:00:10.392
14.97919.25010.3922017-10-11 19:00
Monza ShortMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
00:45.059S1:00:15.029 S2:00:19.416 S3:00:10.614
15.02919.41610.6142017-10-11 18:52
Monza ShortMcLaren F1 GTR Long TailGT1
00:45.572S1:00:15.146 S2:00:19.803 S3:00:10.623
15.14619.80310.6232017-10-11 18:33
Nürburgring CombinedAudi R18 (Le Mans 2016)LMP1 2016
07:17.159S1:02:56.239 S2:03:02.782 S3:01:18.138
02:56.23903:02.78201:18.1382019-06-22 19:56
Nürburgring CombinedAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
07:24.117S1:02:59.513 S2:03:03.820 S3:01:20.784
02:59.51303:03.82001:20.7842018-01-23 14:32
Red Bull Ring GPAudi R8LMP900
01:20.123S1:00:19.580 S2:00:34.399 S3:00:26.144
19.58034.39926.1442017-09-22 09:42
Sakitto GPToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
01:29.000S1:00:29.065 S2:00:36.598 S3:00:23.337
29.06536.59823.3372017-12-15 11:48
Sakitto GPBentley Speed 8LMP900
01:32.716S1:00:30.841 S2:00:38.120 S3:00:23.755
30.84138.12023.7552017-12-15 11:42
Sakitto GPFerrari 333 SPLMP900
01:35.678S1:00:31.318 S2:00:39.980 S3:00:24.380
31.31839.98024.3802017-12-15 11:29
Spa-Francorchamps GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:56.679S1:00:32.340 S2:00:50.559 S3:00:33.780
32.34050.55933.7802018-05-05 14:50

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