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Best laptimes for Mooseonloose
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
02:56.560S1:01:01.042 S2:01:21.037 S3:00:34.481
01:01.04201:21.03734.4812019-01-28 10:46
AlgarveFormula XFX
01:18.000S1:00:29.946 S2:00:20.373 S3:00:27.681
29.94620.37327.6812019-03-08 14:36
Azure Circuit GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:35.687S1:00:27.367 S2:00:34.210 S3:00:34.110
27.36734.21034.1102018-02-24 16:58
Azure CoastGinetta G57Track A
06:30.580S1:02:31.660 S2:02:25.320 S3:01:33.600
02:31.66002:25.32001:33.6002018-02-23 15:27
Azure CoastBAC MonoRoad B
07:07.309S1:02:44.268 S2:02:35.941 S3:01:47.100
02:44.26802:35.94101:47.1002018-11-21 13:05
Azure CoastFerrari 488 GT3GT3
07:13.411S1:02:51.437 S2:02:37.313 S3:01:44.661
02:51.43702:37.31301:44.6612018-02-23 15:50
Azure CoastFerrari LaFerrariRoad A
07:17.313S1:02:47.911 S2:02:39.199 S3:01:50.203
02:47.91102:39.19901:50.2032018-02-23 10:33
Azure CoastLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
07:37.205S1:03:01.304 S2:02:43.316 S3:01:52.585
03:01.30402:43.31601:52.5852018-02-18 15:47
Azure Coast WestboundBAC MonoRoad B
07:26.148S1:01:44.068 S2:02:42.177 S3:02:59.903
01:44.06802:42.17702:59.9032018-03-03 16:12
Bannochbrae Road CircuitLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
02:17.701S1:00:38.245 S2:01:12.054 S3:00:27.402
38.24501:12.05427.4022018-01-26 15:41
Bannochbrae Road CircuitBAC MonoRoad B
02:18.884S1:00:38.679 S2:01:12.681 S3:00:27.524
38.67901:12.68127.5242018-02-18 14:58
California Highway FullFormula XFX
05:56.499S1:02:29.899 S2:02:05.780 S3:01:20.820
02:29.89902:05.78001:20.8202018-06-01 09:07
California Highway FullBAC MonoRoad B
07:06.703S1:02:51.778 S2:02:35.820 S3:01:39.105
02:51.77802:35.82001:39.1052018-02-18 11:16
California Highway FullLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
07:26.220S1:03:06.428 S2:02:40.651 S3:01:39.141
03:06.42802:40.65101:39.1412018-01-31 15:58
California Highway ReverseBAC MonoRoad B
07:19.780S1:01:42.204 S2:02:36.218 S3:03:01.358
01:42.20402:36.21803:01.3582018-03-04 15:50
DirtFish Pro Rallycross CourseBAC MonoRoad B
00:57.006S1:00:21.472 S2:00:16.179 S3:00:19.355
21.47216.17919.3552018-03-05 10:53
Donington Park GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:30.421S1:00:26.484 S2:00:37.218 S3:00:26.719
26.48437.21826.7192018-03-07 10:56
Fuji GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:40.796S1:00:23.469 S2:00:38.155 S3:00:39.172
23.46938.15539.1722018-03-09 15:26
Glencairn GPKartKart
00:43.166S1:00:12.996 S2:00:13.768 S3:00:16.402
12.99613.76816.4022018-06-19 10:22
Greenwood Karting CircuitKartKart
00:45.960S1:00:13.515 S2:00:18.570 S3:00:13.875
13.51518.57013.8752018-06-21 09:51
Hockenheim Classic GPFormula XFX
01:39.921S1:00:33.380 S2:00:39.261 S3:00:27.280
33.38039.26127.2802019-02-04 10:43
Hockenheim GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:44.062S1:00:23.281 S2:00:47.093 S3:00:33.688
23.28147.09333.6882018-03-13 10:28
Imola GPFormula XFX
01:17.422S1:00:25.502 S2:00:31.237 S3:00:20.683
25.50231.23720.6832019-02-05 10:29
Imola GPDallara IR-12 Chevrolet (Road Course)Indy
01:36.275S1:00:32.839 S2:00:38.495 S3:00:24.941
32.83938.49524.9412018-08-24 09:43
Imola GPFerrari 365 GTB4 CompetizioneVGT A
02:05.020S1:00:41.205 S2:00:50.983 S3:00:32.832
41.20550.98332.8322018-08-24 09:26
Long Beach Street CircuitBAC MonoRoad B
01:23.054S1:00:23.734 S2:00:28.890 S3:00:30.430
23.73428.89030.4302018-03-02 10:42
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaBAC MonoRoad B
01:24.929S1:00:29.500 S2:00:23.021 S3:00:32.408
29.50023.02132.4082018-02-10 16:35
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:27.131S1:00:30.075 S2:00:23.537 S3:00:33.519
30.07523.53733.5192018-01-23 15:43
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaMercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe SRoad E
01:38.920S1:00:34.140 S2:00:27.000 S3:00:37.780
34.14027.00037.7802018-01-15 10:35
Monza GPLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:50.494S1:00:37.851 S2:00:40.068 S3:00:32.575
37.85140.06832.5752018-01-24 15:46
Monza GP HistoricFormula XFX
01:02.579S1:00:19.079 S2:00:21.859 S3:00:21.641
19.07921.85921.6412019-01-29 10:12
Nürburgring NordschleifeFormula XFX
04:51.520S1:01:17.101 S2:02:29.020 S3:01:05.399
01:17.10102:29.02001:05.3992019-01-24 10:44
Nürburgring NordschleifePorsche 911 GT3 RGT3
06:52.419S1:01:49.260 S2:03:31.399 S3:01:31.760
01:49.26003:31.39901:31.7602019-04-02 09:19
Nürburgring NordschleifePorsche 911 GT3 RSRoad B
07:03.579S1:01:52.520 S2:03:38.839 S3:01:32.220
01:52.52003:38.83901:32.2202019-03-25 10:34
Oschersleben A CourseBAC MonoRoad B
01:31.781S1:00:29.968 S2:00:38.593 S3:00:23.220
29.96838.59323.2202018-03-14 10:28
Red Bull Ring GPFormula XFX
01:07.978S1:00:15.515 S2:00:30.043 S3:00:22.420
15.51530.04322.4202019-05-20 09:39
Red Bull Ring GPDallara IR-12 Honda (Road Course)Indy
01:14.455S1:00:17.952 S2:00:32.080 S3:00:24.423
17.95232.08024.4232018-11-28 10:30
Red Bull Ring GPFormula AFA
01:17.880S1:00:19.560 S2:00:33.328 S3:00:24.992
19.56033.32824.9922018-10-23 09:31
Red Bull Ring GPFormula Renault 3.5FR35
01:19.662S1:00:19.166 S2:00:34.032 S3:00:26.464
19.16634.03226.4642018-11-28 10:39
Red Bull Ring GPGinetta G57Track A
01:22.702S1:00:19.853 S2:00:35.553 S3:00:27.296
19.85335.55327.2962018-11-27 10:40
Red Bull Ring GPMcLaren P1 GTRTrack A
01:24.154S1:00:19.724 S2:00:36.232 S3:00:28.198
19.72436.23228.1982018-02-26 15:50
Red Bull Ring GPLotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
01:25.546S1:00:20.760 S2:00:36.411 S3:00:28.375
20.76036.41128.3752018-11-23 10:49
Red Bull Ring GPAston Martin VulcanTrack A
01:28.637S1:00:20.897 S2:00:38.000 S3:00:29.740
20.89738.00029.7402018-11-28 10:20
Red Bull Ring GPLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:29.863S1:00:20.922 S2:00:38.838 S3:00:30.103
20.92238.83830.1032018-11-16 10:30
Red Bull Ring GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:30.712S1:00:21.869 S2:00:38.400 S3:00:30.443
21.86938.40030.4432018-11-20 16:02
Red Bull Ring GPFormula CFC
01:36.769S1:00:23.382 S2:00:41.457 S3:00:31.930
23.38241.45731.9302018-11-29 10:35
Ruapuna Park GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:25.160S1:00:28.167 S2:00:31.851 S3:00:25.142
28.16731.85125.1422018-02-26 17:06
Sakitto GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:47.798S1:00:35.323 S2:00:43.435 S3:00:29.040
35.32343.43529.0402018-03-03 10:58
Silverstone Classic GPLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:30.621S1:00:37.519 S2:00:35.880 S3:00:17.222
37.51935.88017.2222018-01-24 15:56
Silverstone GPBAC MonoRoad B
02:06.265S1:00:36.820 S2:00:52.664 S3:00:36.781
36.82052.66436.7812018-03-16 10:45
Sonoma Raceway ShortBAC MonoRoad B
01:13.757S1:00:20.500 S2:00:21.515 S3:00:31.742
20.50021.51531.7422018-03-16 14:58
Spa-Francorchamps GPFormula XFX
01:53.899S1:00:29.798 S2:00:52.040 S3:00:32.061
29.79852.04032.0612018-08-17 09:40
Spa-Francorchamps GPFormula AFA
01:59.380S1:00:31.938 S2:00:53.949 S3:00:33.493
31.93853.94933.4932018-08-07 09:25
Spa-Francorchamps GPLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
02:26.515S1:00:38.453 S2:01:06.968 S3:00:41.094
38.45301:06.96841.0942018-01-29 15:35
Sportsland SUGOBAC MonoRoad B
01:21.343S1:00:38.242 S2:00:19.843 S3:00:23.258
38.24219.84323.2582018-04-04 09:52

Mooseonloose has set 55 leaderboard times and holds 1 World Record! Well done!