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Best laptimes for SiG
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:00.279S1:01:02.583 S2:01:21.378 S3:00:36.318
01:02.58301:21.37836.3182019-01-17 19:19
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitLotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
04:04.696S1:01:25.856 S2:01:49.000 S3:00:49.840
01:25.85601:49.00049.8402019-01-17 18:38
AlgarveLotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
01:46.399S1:00:41.299 S2:00:26.880 S3:00:38.220
41.29926.88038.2202019-01-21 22:00
Azure Coast Stage 3Formula XFX
01:13.105S1:00:26.462 S2:00:29.617 S3:00:17.026
26.46229.61717.0262018-08-15 15:00
Azure Coast Stage 3Lotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
01:42.100S1:00:37.320 S2:00:41.060 S3:00:23.720
37.32041.06023.7202018-08-15 10:52
Azure Coast Stage 3Formula CFC
01:45.200S1:00:38.540 S2:00:42.439 S3:00:24.221
38.54042.43924.2212018-08-15 14:34
Azure Coast Stage 3Lotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:46.561S1:00:37.626 S2:00:43.534 S3:00:25.401
37.62643.53425.4012018-11-23 22:51
Azure Coast Stage 3Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (R35)GT3
01:48.601S1:00:40.399 S2:00:42.960 S3:00:25.242
40.39942.96025.2422018-11-23 23:15
Azure Coast Stage 3Ford GTRoad B
01:52.600S1:00:41.128 S2:00:44.491 S3:00:26.981
41.12844.49126.9812018-11-23 23:00
Azure Coast Stage 3Mercedes-AMG GT RRoad C
01:55.219S1:00:41.520 S2:00:46.479 S3:00:27.220
41.52046.47927.2202018-11-23 23:12
Azure Coast Stage 3Lotus Type 40 FordVP B
01:55.666S1:00:41.263 S2:00:47.256 S3:00:27.147
41.26347.25627.1472018-11-23 22:21
Azure Coast Stage 3Lotus Type 38 FordV Indy
01:56.739S1:00:41.237 S2:00:47.299 S3:00:28.203
41.23747.29928.2032018-11-23 22:16
Barcelona-Catalunya GPFerrari 488 GT3GT3
01:48.659S1:00:29.260 S2:00:40.665 S3:00:38.734
29.26040.66538.7342019-02-24 18:06
Long Beach Street CircuitLigier JS P2 HondaLMP2
01:11.200S1:00:20.016 S2:00:24.312 S3:00:26.872
20.01624.31226.8722019-01-07 12:07
Mojave SidewinderLotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
00:59.316S1:00:16.038 S2:00:20.806 S3:00:22.472
16.03820.80622.4722019-01-24 21:22
Watkins Glen International GPLotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
01:48.580S1:00:31.463 S2:00:36.265 S3:00:40.852
31.46336.26540.8522019-01-24 21:25

SiG has set 16 leaderboard times and holds 1 World Record! Well done!