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Best laptimes for Teukka Salama
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
03:09.439S1:01:05.982 S2:01:24.957 S3:00:38.500
01:05.98201:24.95738.5002018-08-20 14:35
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAudi R18 (Le Mans 2016)LMP1 2016
03:10.318S1:01:05.820 S2:01:26.498 S3:00:38.000
01:05.82001:26.49838.0002018-08-13 17:07
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
03:11.884S1:01:06.521 S2:01:27.458 S3:00:37.905
01:06.52101:27.45837.9052018-08-25 11:10
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS050 HybridLMP1 2016
03:14.079S1:01:07.259 S2:01:28.020 S3:00:38.800
01:07.25901:28.02038.8002018-11-13 15:50
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitPorsche 919 HybridLMP1 2016
03:14.199S1:01:07.306 S2:01:28.153 S3:00:38.740
01:07.30601:28.15338.7402018-08-19 17:06
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitOreca 03 NissanLMP2
03:32.333S1:01:14.333 S2:01:36.160 S3:00:41.840
01:14.33301:36.16041.8402018-08-18 17:21
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAston Martin VulcanTrack A
03:45.283S1:01:18.460 S2:01:40.099 S3:00:46.724
01:18.46001:40.09946.7242018-11-27 20:01
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFerrari 488 GTEGTE
03:53.264S1:01:21.359 S2:01:44.199 S3:00:47.706
01:21.35901:44.19947.7062018-08-20 18:25
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAston Martin Vantage GTEGTE
03:53.704S1:01:21.437 S2:01:44.420 S3:00:47.847
01:21.43701:44.42047.8472018-11-28 13:17
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitPagani Huayra BCRoad A
03:56.439S1:01:22.939 S2:01:42.640 S3:00:50.860
01:22.93901:42.64050.8602018-11-27 21:19
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitChevrolet Corvette Z06Road C
04:15.537S1:01:29.596 S2:01:52.447 S3:00:53.494
01:29.59601:52.44753.4942018-11-27 20:47
Daytona Road CourseBMW M6 GTLMGTE
01:44.919S1:00:43.200 S2:00:38.839 S3:00:22.880
43.20038.83922.8802020-03-18 20:43
Dubai KartdromeKartKart
01:01.385S1:00:27.907 S2:00:18.295 S3:00:15.183
27.90718.29515.1832020-03-17 22:08
Glencairn WestKartKart
00:22.445S1:00:07.362 S2:00:08.646 S3:00:06.437
7.3628.6466.4372020-03-17 21:48
Greenwood Karting CircuitKartKart
00:48.483S1:00:14.136 S2:00:19.994 S3:00:14.353
14.13619.99414.3532020-03-17 21:37
Lankebanen RallycrossFord Escort RS1600 (Rallycross)V RX
00:45.081S1:00:16.191 S2:00:14.571 S3:00:14.319
16.19114.57114.3192018-12-01 17:50
Le Mans Vintage TrackSauber C9 LM Mercedes-BenzGr. C
02:48.279S1:00:58.539 S2:01:22.020 S3:00:27.720
58.53901:22.02027.7202018-12-03 16:42
Le Mans Vintage TrackPorsche 917/10CanAm
02:55.092S1:01:02.952 S2:01:22.540 S3:00:29.600
01:02.95201:22.54029.6002018-12-06 17:55
Le Mans Vintage TrackAudi R8LMP900
03:02.519S1:01:03.882 S2:01:28.236 S3:00:30.401
01:03.88201:28.23630.4012018-12-06 00:23
Le Mans Vintage TrackToyota GT-One (1998)GT1
03:06.940S1:01:05.703 S2:01:30.315 S3:00:30.922
01:05.70301:30.31530.9222018-12-05 18:01
Le Mans Vintage TrackPorsche 911 GT1-98GT1
03:07.976S1:01:06.494 S2:01:30.704 S3:00:30.778
01:06.49401:30.70430.7782018-12-05 20:30
Le Mans Vintage TrackMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
03:09.067S1:01:06.201 S2:01:31.717 S3:00:31.149
01:06.20101:31.71731.1492018-12-05 18:12
Le Mans Vintage TrackNissan R390 GT1GT1
03:09.699S1:01:06.099 S2:01:30.799 S3:00:32.801
01:06.09901:30.79932.8012018-12-05 20:01
Le Mans Vintage TrackFord GT LM GTEGTE
03:22.512S1:01:11.792 S2:01:36.979 S3:00:33.741
01:11.79201:36.97933.7412018-12-04 17:50
Monza GPFormula AFA
01:24.045S1:00:29.761 S2:00:29.752 S3:00:24.532
29.76129.75224.5322018-08-26 12:21
Monza GPPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3
01:51.289S1:00:38.764 S2:00:39.836 S3:00:32.689
38.76439.83632.6892020-03-13 21:29
Nürburgring NordschleifeAudi R18 (Le Mans 2016)LMP1 2016
05:20.259S1:01:24.660 S2:02:43.278 S3:01:12.321
01:24.66002:43.27801:12.3212018-11-24 02:32
Nürburgring NordschleifeToyota TS050 HybridLMP1 2016
05:25.422S1:01:25.663 S2:02:45.676 S3:01:14.083
01:25.66302:45.67601:14.0832018-11-13 20:13
Nürburgring NordschleifePorsche 919 HybridLMP1 2016
05:26.919S1:01:26.020 S2:02:45.719 S3:01:15.180
01:26.02002:45.71901:15.1802018-11-13 22:53
Nürburgring NordschleifeFord GT LM GTEGTE
06:31.600S1:01:43.920 S2:03:21.019 S3:01:26.661
01:43.92003:21.01901:26.6612018-12-04 15:10
Nürburgring NordschleifeBMW M6 GTLMGTE
06:34.938S1:01:44.378 S2:03:23.180 S3:01:27.380
01:44.37803:23.18001:27.3802018-12-04 14:51
Nürburgring NordschleifeAudi R8 LMSGT3
07:02.760S1:01:49.300 S2:03:38.405 S3:01:35.055
01:49.30003:38.40501:35.0552020-03-14 12:35
Nürburgring NordschleifeKTM X-Bow GT4GT4
07:19.883S1:01:56.059 S2:03:44.300 S3:01:39.524
01:56.05903:44.30001:39.5242020-03-18 21:02
Nürburgring NordschleifeKTM X-Bow RRoad D
07:39.260S1:02:02.459 S2:03:52.260 S3:01:44.541
02:02.45903:52.26001:44.5412020-03-14 17:40
Spa-Francorchamps GPFormula AFA
02:08.780S1:00:35.139 S2:00:59.080 S3:00:34.561
35.13959.08034.5612018-08-18 08:53
Texas Motor Speedway Tri OvalLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
00:31.659S1:00:10.219 S2:00:10.099 S3:00:11.341
10.21910.09911.3412020-03-14 23:40
Texas Motor Speedway Tri OvalFord Mustang Cobra TransAmGTO
00:32.599S1:00:10.659 S2:00:10.100 S3:00:11.840
10.65910.10011.8402020-03-14 23:45
Wildcrest RallycrossFord Bronco BrockyTrophy Truck
00:49.046S1:00:09.760 S2:00:18.976 S3:00:20.310
9.76018.97620.3102018-12-01 17:30

Teukka Salama has set 38 leaderboard times and holds 1 World Record! Well done!