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Best laptimes for antaro85
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:09.135S1:01:05.535 S2:01:23.222 S3:00:40.378
01:05.53501:23.22240.3782018-02-19 23:33
Barcelona-Catalunya GPFormula XFX
01:25.699S1:00:21.045 S2:00:32.477 S3:00:32.177
21.04532.47732.1772018-03-15 01:22
California Highway Stage 2Mercedes-AMG GT RRoad C
03:24.248S1:01:16.765 S2:01:07.319 S3:01:00.164
01:16.76501:07.31901:00.1642018-09-04 13:13
Hockenheim GPLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
01:32.239S1:00:20.488 S2:00:41.691 S3:00:30.060
20.48841.69130.0602018-01-21 13:40
Hockenheim GPPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3
01:45.839S1:00:23.541 S2:00:49.146 S3:00:33.152
23.54149.14633.1522018-01-20 13:09
Hockenheim GPFerrari LaFerrariRoad A
01:49.605S1:00:23.242 S2:00:50.657 S3:00:35.706
23.24250.65735.7062018-06-17 13:22
Monza GPFormula XFX
01:21.879S1:00:28.958 S2:00:29.705 S3:00:23.216
28.95829.70523.2162018-02-18 13:12
Monza GPLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
01:36.158S1:00:33.834 S2:00:34.043 S3:00:28.281
33.83434.04328.2812018-01-21 17:24
Monza GPDallara IR-12 Honda (Road Course)Indy
01:40.117S1:00:37.800 S2:00:33.925 S3:00:28.392
37.80033.92528.3922018-02-22 00:04
Monza Oval HistoricFormula XFX
00:46.301S1:00:14.341 S2:00:19.020 S3:00:12.940
14.34119.02012.9402018-07-08 11:18
Monza Oval HistoricMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
00:53.199S1:00:17.024 S2:00:21.657 S3:00:14.518
17.02421.65714.5182018-07-08 11:12
Nürburgring NordschleifeFormula XFX
05:10.461S1:01:20.481 S2:02:40.198 S3:01:09.782
01:20.48102:40.19801:09.7822018-07-06 21:11
Nürburgring NordschleifeLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
06:31.759S1:01:35.079 S2:03:25.424 S3:01:31.256
01:35.07903:25.42401:31.2562018-01-26 22:32
Nürburgring NordschleifePorsche 911 GT3 RGT3
07:12.278S1:01:52.776 S2:03:44.186 S3:01:35.316
01:52.77603:44.18601:35.3162018-02-21 23:40
Red Bull Ring GPFormula XFX
01:11.454S1:00:16.595 S2:00:32.080 S3:00:22.779
16.59532.08022.7792018-02-19 23:40
Silverstone GPFormula XFX
01:41.778S1:00:29.138 S2:00:41.862 S3:00:30.778
29.13841.86230.7782018-03-15 01:28
Spa-Francorchamps GPFormula XFX
01:47.820S1:00:28.260 S2:00:48.479 S3:00:31.081
28.26048.47931.0812018-06-17 12:45
Spa-Francorchamps GPDallara IR-12 Chevrolet (Road Course)Indy
02:04.179S1:00:34.179 S2:00:54.619 S3:00:35.381
34.17954.61935.3812018-02-12 15:51
Summerton InternationalKartKart
00:58.199S1:00:25.079 S2:00:23.780 S3:00:09.340
25.07923.7809.3402018-02-21 23:51
Texas Motor Speedway Tri OvalLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
00:29.400S1:00:10.000 S2:00:08.919 S3:00:10.481
10.0008.91910.4812018-06-26 11:21
Texas Motor Speedway Tri OvalLamborghini Aventador LP700-4Road B
00:39.916S1:00:15.016 S2:00:10.985 S3:00:13.915
15.01610.98513.9152018-06-26 11:29

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