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Best laptimes for bgodin
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
02:55.314S1:01:01.474 S2:01:18.939 S3:00:34.901
01:01.47401:18.93934.9012020-02-16 01:46
AlgarveFormula XFX
01:16.603S1:00:29.619 S2:00:19.859 S3:00:27.125
29.61919.85927.1252020-10-24 18:05
Azure Circuit GPFormula XFX
01:09.400S1:00:18.839 S2:00:25.580 S3:00:24.981
18.83925.58024.9812019-11-27 17:16
Azure Circuit GPPorsche Carrera GTRoad C
01:59.660S1:00:39.839 S2:00:40.140 S3:00:39.681
39.83940.14039.6812018-04-02 23:57
Barcelona-Catalunya GPFormula XFX
01:16.238S1:00:19.438 S2:00:28.458 S3:00:28.342
19.43828.45828.3422020-03-08 01:11
Brands Hatch Classic RallycrossHonda Civic Coupe GRCWRX
00:41.071S1:00:18.573 S2:00:07.589 S3:00:14.909
18.5737.58914.9092018-04-03 00:22
Brands Hatch Classic RallycrossAudi Sport quattro S1Gr. B
00:44.525S1:00:19.395 S2:00:08.630 S3:00:16.500
19.3958.63016.5002018-04-03 00:11
Brands Hatch GPFormula XFX
00:59.300S1:00:24.382 S2:00:17.617 S3:00:17.301
24.38217.61717.3012022-07-10 02:32
Brands Hatch IndyFormula XFX
00:33.902S1:00:13.746 S2:00:08.212 S3:00:11.944
13.7468.21211.9442018-03-22 03:09
Imola GPFormula XFX
01:16.539S1:00:24.903 S2:00:30.998 S3:00:20.638
24.90330.99820.6382023-01-08 15:30
Indianapolis Road CourseFormula XFX
01:05.360S1:00:19.707 S2:00:22.134 S3:00:23.519
19.70722.13423.5192018-05-12 02:32
Long Beach Street CircuitFormula XFX
00:57.699S1:00:15.847 S2:00:20.051 S3:00:21.801
15.84720.05121.8012022-01-11 12:05
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaFormula XFX
00:59.796S1:00:20.537 S2:00:15.278 S3:00:23.981
20.53715.27823.9812020-03-16 19:36
Monza GPFormula XFX
01:15.697S1:00:27.316 S2:00:26.739 S3:00:21.642
27.31626.73921.6422020-09-04 00:29
Nürburgring GPFormula XFX
01:25.000S1:00:26.361 S2:00:43.478 S3:00:15.161
26.36143.47815.1612020-10-05 01:31
Road AmericaFormula XFX
01:31.440S1:00:33.099 S2:00:32.320 S3:00:26.021
33.09932.32026.0212020-03-29 17:17
Sonoma Raceway GPFormula XFX
01:10.061S1:00:15.261 S2:00:31.438 S3:00:23.362
15.26131.43823.3622018-04-07 01:43
Sonoma Raceway NationalFormula XFX
01:14.640S1:00:15.765 S2:00:33.614 S3:00:25.261
15.76533.61425.2612018-03-16 01:15
Sonoma Raceway ShortFormula XFX
00:55.522S1:00:15.083 S2:00:17.356 S3:00:23.083
15.08317.35623.0832018-04-07 01:32
Spa-Francorchamps GPFormula XFX
01:39.480S1:00:26.740 S2:00:44.120 S3:00:28.620
26.74044.12028.6202020-08-29 21:04
Watkins Glen International GPFormula XFX
01:12.580S1:00:21.020 S2:00:23.560 S3:00:28.000
21.02023.56028.0002020-03-22 21:07
Watkins Glen International GPDallara IR-12 Chevrolet (Road Course)Indy
01:28.526S1:00:26.200 S2:00:28.283 S3:00:34.043
26.20028.28334.0432018-01-15 02:13
Watkins Glen International GPLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
01:29.380S1:00:25.939 S2:00:29.140 S3:00:34.301
25.93929.14034.3012018-01-15 02:16
Watkins Glen International GPLotus Type 78 CosworthV F1B
01:36.286S1:00:28.620 S2:00:31.006 S3:00:36.660
28.62031.00636.6602018-01-10 23:44
Watkins Glen International ShortFormula XFX
00:48.320S1:00:20.979 S2:00:15.260 S3:00:12.081
20.97915.26012.0812018-05-14 00:17
Willow Springs International RacewayFormula XFX
00:53.020S1:00:26.999 S2:00:17.060 S3:00:08.961
26.99917.0608.9612020-03-20 00:28
ZolderFormula XFX
01:06.880S1:00:22.919 S2:00:21.600 S3:00:22.361
22.91921.60022.3612020-03-29 16:32

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