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Best laptimes for bumberclut
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:07.560S1:01:03.944 S2:01:24.215 S3:00:39.401
01:03.94401:24.21539.4012019-05-24 15:53
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS050 HybridLMP1 2016
03:22.219S1:01:09.979 S2:01:31.365 S3:00:40.875
01:09.97901:31.36540.8752019-05-19 12:22
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
03:22.412S1:01:11.574 S2:01:28.857 S3:00:41.981
01:11.57401:28.85741.9812019-05-24 20:21
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAudi R18 (Le Mans 2016)LMP1 2016
03:26.604S1:01:11.556 S2:01:33.179 S3:00:41.869
01:11.55601:33.17941.8692019-05-12 19:05
Monza GPFormula XFX
01:23.189S1:00:30.029 S2:00:28.960 S3:00:24.200
30.02928.96024.2002019-05-05 20:48
Spa-Francorchamps Historic GPLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
03:01.120S1:00:49.560 S2:01:08.899 S3:01:02.661
49.56001:08.89901:02.6612019-07-29 21:24

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