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Best laptimes for kalhrif
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:00.278S1:01:01.357 S2:01:22.440 S3:00:36.481
01:01.35701:22.44036.4812021-08-31 21:51
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
03:18.825S1:01:09.000 S2:01:28.003 S3:00:41.822
01:09.00001:28.00341.8222021-08-30 20:27
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS050 HybridLMP1 2016
03:25.252S1:01:11.015 S2:01:32.837 S3:00:41.400
01:11.01501:32.83741.4002021-09-14 21:07
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula AFA
03:33.300S1:01:13.179 S2:01:36.580 S3:00:43.541
01:13.17901:36.58043.5412021-08-31 22:09
AlgarveFormula XFX
01:26.265S1:00:32.967 S2:00:23.316 S3:00:29.982
32.96723.31629.9822020-06-08 07:40
Azure Circuit GPFormula XFX
01:27.440S1:00:21.859 S2:00:33.041 S3:00:32.540
21.85933.04132.5402020-06-09 12:41
Barcelona-Catalunya GPRenault Sport R.S. 01RS01 Trophy
01:51.040S1:00:27.380 S2:00:42.439 S3:00:41.221
27.38042.43941.2212020-07-02 12:48
DirtFish Pro Rallycross CourseHonda Civic Coupe GRCWRX
00:36.890S1:00:10.903 S2:00:12.710 S3:00:13.277
10.90312.71013.2772020-09-22 20:00
DirtFish Pro Rallycross CourseMini Countryman RXWRX
00:41.852S1:00:11.365 S2:00:13.535 S3:00:16.952
11.36513.53516.9522020-06-04 02:29
Dubai Autodrome GPFormula XFX
01:39.661S1:00:39.519 S2:00:32.899 S3:00:27.243
39.51932.89927.2432022-01-14 22:36
Hockenheim Classic GPFormula XFX
01:38.640S1:00:33.300 S2:00:37.979 S3:00:27.361
33.30037.97927.3612020-06-05 12:54
Lankebanen RallycrossCitroen DS3 RX SupercarWRX
00:36.520S1:00:13.272 S2:00:11.013 S3:00:12.235
13.27211.01312.2352020-06-09 13:03
Lankebanen RallycrossHonda Civic Coupe GRCWRX
00:39.846S1:00:15.521 S2:00:12.245 S3:00:12.080
15.52112.24512.0802020-09-04 15:37
Long Beach Street CircuitFormula XFX
02:11.182S1:01:20.209 S2:00:25.114 S3:00:25.859
01:20.20925.11425.8592020-06-17 10:37
Lydden Hill RallycrossHonda Civic Coupe GRCWRX
00:38.873S1:00:11.141 S2:00:11.250 S3:00:16.482
11.14111.25016.4822020-06-04 12:51
Mugello GPFormula XFX
01:27.300S1:00:31.580 S2:00:25.880 S3:00:29.840
31.58025.88029.8402020-06-04 13:05
Rallycross of LoheacHonda Civic Coupe GRCWRX
00:39.075S1:00:11.304 S2:00:13.587 S3:00:14.184
11.30413.58714.1842020-09-04 15:47

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