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Best laptimes for lava
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:00.319S1:01:02.800 S2:01:21.260 S3:00:36.259
01:02.80001:21.26036.2592018-06-18 13:41
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula AFA
03:09.215S1:01:06.633 S2:01:24.759 S3:00:37.823
01:06.63301:24.75937.8232018-06-18 13:21
Circuit of the Americas NationalRenault Sport R.S. 01 GT3GT3
01:33.679S1:00:27.926 S2:00:36.773 S3:00:28.980
27.92636.77328.9802022-10-21 21:34
Circuit of the Americas NationalMcLaren 650S GT3GT3
01:34.313S1:00:27.847 S2:00:37.110 S3:00:29.356
27.84737.11029.3562022-10-21 21:16
Daytona Speedway Tri-OvalFormula AFA
00:40.240S1:00:14.800 S2:00:13.543 S3:00:11.897
14.80013.54311.8972018-06-14 14:40
Daytona Speedway Tri-OvalSauber C9 LM Mercedes-BenzGr. C
00:40.779S1:00:14.918 S2:00:13.703 S3:00:12.158
14.91813.70312.1582018-06-14 14:44
Fuji GPRenault Sport R.S. 01 GT3GT3
01:41.878S1:00:23.675 S2:00:38.580 S3:00:39.623
23.67538.58039.6232022-10-21 22:31
Le Mans Bugatti CircuitMcLaren 650S GT3GT3
01:41.611S1:00:37.350 S2:00:32.760 S3:00:31.501
37.35032.76031.5012022-10-21 20:49
Le Mans Vintage TrackFormula XFX
02:34.959S1:00:53.740 S2:01:15.919 S3:00:25.300
53.74001:15.91925.3002018-06-14 14:31
Le Mans Vintage TrackFormula AFA
02:42.985S1:00:56.740 S2:01:19.363 S3:00:26.882
56.74001:19.36326.8822018-06-14 14:01
Monza GP HistoricFormula XFX
01:04.100S1:00:19.542 S2:00:22.857 S3:00:21.701
19.54222.85721.7012018-07-06 14:33
Monza GP HistoricFormula AFA
01:08.099S1:00:20.763 S2:00:23.896 S3:00:23.440
20.76323.89623.4402018-07-06 14:25
Monza GP HistoricSauber C9 Mercedes-BenzGr. C
01:13.699S1:00:22.122 S2:00:26.378 S3:00:25.199
22.12226.37825.1992018-06-14 14:52
Monza Oval HistoricSauber C9 LM Mercedes-BenzGr. C
00:43.280S1:00:13.739 S2:00:17.600 S3:00:11.941
13.73917.60011.9412018-06-18 12:51
Red Bull Ring GPFerrari F50 GTGT1
01:30.252S1:00:21.032 S2:00:38.503 S3:00:30.717
21.03238.50330.7172022-10-03 15:00
Red Bull Ring NationalRenault Sport R.S. 01 GT3GT3
00:50.593S1:00:16.862 S2:00:17.150 S3:00:16.581
16.86217.15016.5812022-10-21 22:10
Sportsland SUGOMcLaren 650S GT3GT3
01:24.817S1:00:39.922 S2:00:20.897 S3:00:23.998
39.92220.89723.9982022-11-17 19:16

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