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Best laptimes for lppgoog
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:01.359S1:01:03.500 S2:01:22.121 S3:00:35.738
01:03.50001:22.12135.7382018-04-26 12:04
Azure Circuit GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:44.800S1:00:31.441 S2:00:36.679 S3:00:36.680
31.44136.67936.6802018-02-14 10:26
Brands Hatch GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:33.250S1:00:36.031 S2:00:28.406 S3:00:28.813
36.03128.40628.8132018-02-15 10:22
California Highway FullFerrari 288 GTORoad E
08:36.220S1:03:39.240 S2:03:04.006 S3:01:52.974
03:39.24003:04.00601:52.9742018-01-30 10:47
DirtFish Pro Rallycross CourseFord Escort RS1600 (Racing)VGT B
01:07.894S1:00:23.296 S2:00:19.812 S3:00:24.786
23.29619.81224.7862018-01-31 10:14
Hockenheim GPLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:48.601S1:00:24.753 S2:00:49.101 S3:00:34.747
24.75349.10134.7472018-01-25 10:21
Hockenheim GPKTM X-Bow RRoad D
01:55.140S1:00:25.726 S2:00:53.382 S3:00:36.032
25.72653.38236.0322018-02-02 10:19
Indianapolis OvalBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
01:01.046S1:00:18.437 S2:00:21.671 S3:00:20.938
18.43721.67120.9382018-02-28 13:10
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaFormula XFX
01:10.298S1:00:24.041 S2:00:17.957 S3:00:28.300
24.04117.95728.3002018-01-23 10:20
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:27.774S1:00:30.254 S2:00:23.500 S3:00:34.020
30.25423.50034.0202018-01-22 10:53
Monza GPLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:55.929S1:00:40.921 S2:00:41.382 S3:00:33.626
40.92141.38233.6262018-01-26 14:10
Red Bull Ring GPFormula XFX
01:14.921S1:00:17.811 S2:00:32.588 S3:00:24.522
17.81132.58824.5222019-07-04 09:59
Red Bull Ring GPFormula AFA
01:22.244S1:00:19.142 S2:00:36.287 S3:00:26.815
19.14236.28726.8152018-10-24 08:47
Red Bull Ring GPLotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
01:30.039S1:00:21.965 S2:00:38.042 S3:00:30.032
21.96538.04230.0322018-11-01 10:11
Red Bull Ring GPLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
01:33.008S1:00:21.859 S2:00:39.881 S3:00:31.268
21.85939.88131.2682018-11-21 10:37
Red Bull Ring GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:35.437S1:00:23.281 S2:00:40.531 S3:00:31.625
23.28140.53131.6252018-02-28 10:07
Red Bull Ring GPBMW 2002 TurboRoad G
02:04.125S1:00:30.296 S2:00:51.546 S3:00:42.283
30.29651.54642.2832018-02-28 12:57
Sakitto GPFormula XFX
01:23.141S1:00:27.940 S2:00:33.885 S3:00:21.316
27.94033.88521.3162019-10-07 09:44
Sakitto GPBAC MonoRoad B
01:50.160S1:00:35.708 S2:00:44.771 S3:00:29.681
35.70844.77129.6812018-02-06 10:17
Sonoma Raceway ShortBAC MonoRoad B
01:16.977S1:00:21.582 S2:00:22.536 S3:00:32.859
21.58222.53632.8592018-02-08 10:21
Sportsland SUGOBAC MonoRoad B
01:29.220S1:00:41.994 S2:00:21.679 S3:00:25.547
41.99421.67925.5472018-02-09 10:55

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