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Best laptimes for optikal
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:02.646S1:01:02.479 S2:01:22.899 S3:00:37.268
01:02.47901:22.89937.2682021-12-19 04:44
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
03:18.659S1:01:09.700 S2:01:27.798 S3:00:41.161
01:09.70001:27.79841.1612021-12-19 04:17
AlgarveFerrari F40 LMGTO
01:51.159S1:00:43.539 S2:00:29.361 S3:00:38.259
43.53929.36138.2592021-03-28 20:52
AlgarvePorsche 908/03 SpyderVP B
01:51.724S1:00:43.740 S2:00:29.225 S3:00:38.759
43.74029.22538.7592022-04-17 20:47
Bathurst Mount PanoramaFormula CFC
02:19.629S1:00:46.979 S2:00:50.479 S3:00:42.171
46.97950.47942.1712020-10-20 23:07
Bathurst Mount PanoramaCaterham Seven 620 RRoad D
02:22.078S1:00:47.657 S2:00:51.161 S3:00:43.260
47.65751.16143.2602020-11-01 22:04
Bathurst Mount PanoramaKTM X-Bow RRoad D
02:23.263S1:00:50.240 S2:00:49.479 S3:00:43.544
50.24049.47943.5442020-11-01 21:55
Brands Hatch GPAudi V8 quattro DTMGr. A
01:37.895S1:00:38.178 S2:00:30.041 S3:00:29.676
38.17830.04129.6762021-01-24 21:38
Brands Hatch IndyRenault Mégane R.S. SMS-R TouringTC
00:47.632S1:00:18.452 S2:00:12.319 S3:00:16.861
18.45212.31916.8612020-09-17 03:19
Brands Hatch IndyOpel Astra TCRTC
00:48.218S1:00:18.836 S2:00:12.301 S3:00:17.081
18.83612.30117.0812020-09-17 02:57
Brands Hatch IndyBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
00:48.341S1:00:19.037 S2:00:12.276 S3:00:17.028
19.03712.27617.0282020-09-15 23:02
Brno GPPorsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8VGT A
02:19.318S1:00:33.938 S2:01:07.156 S3:00:38.224
33.93801:07.15638.2242021-06-27 20:53
Daytona Road CourseLigier JS P2 HondaLMP2
01:37.720S1:00:40.200 S2:00:36.422 S3:00:21.098
40.20036.42221.0982021-01-31 21:45
Daytona Road CourseFord GT LM GTEGTE
01:47.380S1:00:44.600 S2:00:40.039 S3:00:22.741
44.60040.03922.7412021-01-31 21:40
Daytona Road CourseRenault Mégane R.S. SMS-R TouringTC
01:55.899S1:00:47.000 S2:00:42.767 S3:00:26.132
47.00042.76726.1322020-10-01 04:20
Daytona Road CourseMercedes-AMG A 45 SMS-R TouringTC
01:56.699S1:00:47.239 S2:00:43.163 S3:00:26.297
47.23943.16326.2972020-10-01 03:49
Daytona Road CourseBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
01:56.917S1:00:47.743 S2:00:43.057 S3:00:26.117
47.74343.05726.1172020-09-28 20:48
Daytona Road CourseOpel Astra TCRTC
01:57.119S1:00:47.599 S2:00:43.288 S3:00:26.232
47.59943.28826.2322020-10-01 04:01
Dubai Autodrome GPRenault Sport R.S. 01RS01 Trophy
01:58.359S1:00:47.528 S2:00:39.311 S3:00:31.520
47.52839.31131.5202021-03-14 20:37
Dubai Autodrome GPPorsche 911 RSRGTE
02:00.699S1:00:48.649 S2:00:40.789 S3:00:31.261
48.64940.78931.2612021-03-14 20:46
Imola GPPorsche 936 SpyderGr. 6
01:47.760S1:00:35.481 S2:00:44.158 S3:00:28.121
35.48144.15828.1212020-12-13 21:32
Imola GPRenault Alpine A442BGr. 6
01:49.534S1:00:36.138 S2:00:45.796 S3:00:27.600
36.13845.79627.6002020-12-13 21:29
Imola GPCaterham Seven 620 RRoad D
01:55.624S1:00:38.231 S2:00:47.235 S3:00:30.158
38.23147.23530.1582020-12-13 21:24
Indianapolis OvalDallara IR-12 Honda (Speedway)Indy
00:39.940S1:00:12.160 S2:00:14.119 S3:00:13.661
12.16014.11913.6612021-05-23 20:41
Indianapolis Road CourseFord Fusion StockcarStockcar
01:37.719S1:00:28.440 S2:00:34.381 S3:00:34.898
28.44034.38134.8982021-08-15 20:51
Knockhill InternationalFord Falcon FG V8 SupercarV8
00:51.301S1:00:16.844 S2:00:19.014 S3:00:15.443
16.84419.01415.4432021-10-23 22:02
Knockhill InternationalRenault Mégane R.S. SMS-R TouringTC
00:51.743S1:00:16.963 S2:00:18.999 S3:00:15.781
16.96318.99915.7812021-10-23 21:49
Knockhill InternationalOpel Astra TCRTC
00:52.667S1:00:16.968 S2:00:19.315 S3:00:16.384
16.96819.31516.3842021-10-23 21:23
Knockhill InternationalMercedes-AMG A 45 SMS-R TouringTC
00:53.238S1:00:17.427 S2:00:19.572 S3:00:16.239
17.42719.57216.2392020-09-01 04:33
Knockhill InternationalBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
00:53.285S1:00:17.385 S2:00:19.516 S3:00:16.384
17.38519.51616.3842021-10-23 21:12
Le Mans Vintage TrackSauber C9 LM Mercedes-BenzGr. C
02:49.234S1:00:58.194 S2:01:21.940 S3:00:29.100
58.19401:21.94029.1002020-10-13 03:52
Long Beach Street CircuitCitroen DS3 RX SupercarWRX
01:24.009S1:00:23.269 S2:00:29.547 S3:00:31.193
23.26929.54731.1932022-05-22 20:27
Long Beach Street CircuitMercedes-AMG A 45 SMS-R TouringTC
01:25.879S1:00:24.435 S2:00:29.196 S3:00:32.248
24.43529.19632.2482020-09-02 03:52
Long Beach Street CircuitBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
01:25.911S1:00:24.254 S2:00:28.965 S3:00:32.692
24.25428.96532.6922020-09-25 04:02
Long Beach Street CircuitRenault Mégane R.S. SMS-R TouringTC
01:26.201S1:00:24.517 S2:00:29.487 S3:00:32.197
24.51729.48732.1972022-05-22 20:30
Long Beach Street CircuitAudi Sport quattro S1Gr. B
01:29.411S1:00:25.324 S2:00:30.270 S3:00:33.817
25.32430.27033.8172022-05-22 20:35
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
01:31.155S1:00:31.495 S2:00:25.129 S3:00:34.531
31.49525.12934.5312020-09-05 03:41
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaMercedes-AMG A 45 SMS-R TouringTC
01:31.258S1:00:31.536 S2:00:25.438 S3:00:34.284
31.53625.43834.2842020-09-01 04:01
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaOpel Astra TCRTC
01:32.541S1:00:31.891 S2:00:25.920 S3:00:34.730
31.89125.92034.7302020-09-01 03:42
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaFormula RookieF5
01:38.202S1:00:34.094 S2:00:27.079 S3:00:37.029
34.09427.07937.0292021-09-26 20:30
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaGinetta G40 GT5GT5
01:38.354S1:00:34.089 S2:00:27.089 S3:00:37.176
34.08927.08937.1762021-09-26 20:34
Mugello GPAudi R8LMP900
01:39.478S1:00:36.442 S2:00:28.274 S3:00:34.762
36.44228.27434.7622021-01-10 21:21
Oschersleben A CourseLamborghini Huracán LP620-2 Super TrofeoS Trofeo
01:38.255S1:00:30.782 S2:00:43.245 S3:00:24.228
30.78243.24524.2282021-01-03 21:26
Oschersleben A CoursePorsche 908/03 SpyderVP B
01:40.293S1:00:31.895 S2:00:44.017 S3:00:24.381
31.89544.01724.3812021-01-03 21:30
Oulton Park InternationalBMW 2002 StanceWorks EditionVGT B
01:49.451S1:00:38.123 S2:00:40.707 S3:00:30.621
38.12340.70730.6212020-08-19 04:07
Pista di FioranoFerrari 250 Testa RossaVGT C
01:34.483S1:00:13.994 S2:00:41.111 S3:00:39.378
13.99441.11139.3782020-11-15 21:40
Red Bull Ring GPFormula CFC
01:38.655S1:00:23.993 S2:00:41.675 S3:00:32.987
23.99341.67532.9872020-07-09 21:51
Red Bull Ring GPPorsche 959 SRoad E
01:43.860S1:00:24.286 S2:00:44.726 S3:00:34.848
24.28644.72634.8482021-02-28 21:41
Road AmericaNissan GTP ZX-TurboGr. C
01:58.519S1:00:44.200 S2:00:41.404 S3:00:32.915
44.20041.40432.9152021-12-05 21:43
Road AmericaLotus Type 98T Renault TurboV F1A
02:05.480S1:00:44.261 S2:00:45.978 S3:00:35.241
44.26145.97835.2412021-12-05 21:39
Rouen Les EssartsCaterham SP/300.RTrack B
01:59.119S1:00:33.679 S2:00:46.380 S3:00:39.060
33.67946.38039.0602022-02-20 17:25
Rouen Les EssartsLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
02:03.301S1:00:33.759 S2:00:49.300 S3:00:40.242
33.75949.30040.2422022-02-20 17:17
Sakitto GPLotus Type 25 ClimaxV F1D
01:57.780S1:00:38.545 S2:00:47.559 S3:00:31.676
38.54547.55931.6762021-11-20 23:38
Sakitto GPBMW 2002 StanceWorks EditionVGT B
01:59.959S1:00:38.945 S2:00:48.890 S3:00:32.124
38.94548.89032.1242021-11-20 23:29
Silverstone GPPorsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MRGT4
02:17.712S1:00:39.374 S2:00:58.717 S3:00:39.621
39.37458.71739.6212021-02-21 21:59
Silverstone GPAudi R8 V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattroRoad C
02:17.903S1:00:40.360 S2:00:58.120 S3:00:39.423
40.36058.12039.4232021-02-21 21:47
Silverstone GPGinetta G55 GT4GT4
02:19.390S1:00:40.310 S2:00:58.760 S3:00:40.320
40.31058.76040.3202021-02-21 21:52
Snetterton 200Caterham SP/300.RTrack B
01:05.700S1:00:21.201 S2:00:22.738 S3:00:21.761
21.20122.73821.7612020-08-25 03:46
Snetterton 200Radical SR3-RSTrack B
01:09.479S1:00:21.609 S2:00:24.630 S3:00:23.240
21.60924.63023.2402020-08-25 00:00
Snetterton 200Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) SMS-RTrack B
01:15.587S1:00:24.008 S2:00:25.774 S3:00:25.805
24.00825.77425.8052020-08-24 23:44
Spa-Francorchamps GPDallara IR-12 Honda (Road Course)Indy
01:58.839S1:00:32.378 S2:00:53.341 S3:00:33.120
32.37853.34133.1202020-12-26 05:35
Texas Motor Speedway Tri OvalFord Fusion StockcarStockcar
00:28.459S1:00:09.159 S2:00:09.000 S3:00:10.300
9.1599.00010.3002020-10-20 22:07
Watkins Glen International GPRenault Mégane R.S. SMS-R TouringTC
01:52.235S1:00:33.200 S2:00:35.807 S3:00:43.228
33.20035.80743.2282020-10-05 22:35
Watkins Glen International GPOpel Astra TCRTC
01:54.097S1:00:33.678 S2:00:36.438 S3:00:43.981
33.67836.43843.9812020-10-05 22:04
Watkins Glen International GPMercedes-AMG A 45 SMS-R TouringTC
01:54.935S1:00:33.575 S2:00:36.796 S3:00:44.564
33.57536.79644.5642020-10-05 21:49
Watkins Glen International GPBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
01:55.715S1:00:33.582 S2:00:37.459 S3:00:44.674
33.58237.45944.6742020-10-05 21:38
Watkins Glen International ShortChevrolet Camaro Z/28 69 TransAmVGT A
01:15.694S1:00:33.193 S2:00:23.940 S3:00:18.561
33.19323.94018.5612020-07-25 04:20
Watkins Glen International ShortFord Mustang 66 RTR TransAmVGT A
01:17.184S1:00:33.660 S2:00:24.399 S3:00:19.125
33.66024.39919.1252020-07-25 03:53

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