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Best laptimes for rokster71
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:02.839S1:01:02.476 S2:01:24.020 S3:00:36.343
01:02.47601:24.02036.3432017-10-06 19:14
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitSauber C9 LM Mercedes-BenzGr. C
03:37.528S1:01:14.900 S2:01:38.781 S3:00:43.847
01:14.90001:38.78143.8472017-10-06 22:52
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFerrari 512 SVP A
03:55.019S1:01:21.918 S2:01:42.321 S3:00:50.780
01:21.91801:42.32150.7802018-06-08 00:53
Bannochbrae Road CircuitBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
02:28.624S1:00:41.380 S2:01:17.899 S3:00:29.345
41.38001:17.89929.3452018-01-08 17:53
Bathurst Mount PanoramaFormula XFX
01:40.719S1:00:33.140 S2:00:36.222 S3:00:31.357
33.14036.22231.3572017-09-30 17:14
Bathurst Mount PanoramaLotus Type 78 CosworthV F1B
01:59.357S1:00:40.294 S2:00:40.960 S3:00:38.103
40.29440.96038.1032019-09-30 22:27
Bathurst Mount PanoramaLotus Type 49C CosworthV F1C
02:03.987S1:00:41.562 S2:00:45.145 S3:00:37.280
41.56245.14537.2802018-08-28 22:52
Bathurst Mount PanoramaFerrari 488 GT3GT3
02:06.230S1:00:43.222 S2:00:44.797 S3:00:38.211
43.22244.79738.2112018-10-09 00:12
Bathurst Mount PanoramaAcura NSX GT3GT3
02:09.639S1:00:44.115 S2:00:46.300 S3:00:39.224
44.11546.30039.2242018-01-04 03:53
Bathurst Mount PanoramaLotus Type 49 CosworthV F1C
02:11.380S1:00:44.219 S2:00:47.460 S3:00:39.701
44.21947.46039.7012018-08-27 22:36
Daytona Road CourseFord GT LM GTEGTE
01:44.819S1:00:43.585 S2:00:38.520 S3:00:22.714
43.58538.52022.7142018-01-15 00:09
Imola GPPorsche 911 RSRGTE
01:42.660S1:00:33.450 S2:00:41.789 S3:00:27.421
33.45041.78927.4212018-04-06 01:15
Imola GPLotus Type 72D CosworthV F1C
01:43.214S1:00:33.535 S2:00:41.906 S3:00:27.773
33.53541.90627.7732018-05-17 23:01
Imola GPFerrari 488 GT3GT3
01:47.533S1:00:35.501 S2:00:43.473 S3:00:28.559
35.50143.47328.5592018-10-08 15:24
Le Mans International Karting CircuitKartKart
01:03.563S1:00:16.293 S2:00:30.264 S3:00:17.006
16.29330.26417.0062018-06-08 00:14
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaNissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (R35)GT3
01:25.255S1:00:29.576 S2:00:23.340 S3:00:32.339
29.57623.34032.3392017-10-01 18:55
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaFerrari 288 GTORoad E
01:36.649S1:00:33.357 S2:00:26.632 S3:00:36.660
33.35726.63236.6602018-04-13 21:33
Monza GPFormula XFX
01:22.858S1:00:30.159 S2:00:29.099 S3:00:23.600
30.15929.09923.6002017-10-01 20:57
Monza GPSauber C9 Mercedes-BenzGr. C
01:34.640S1:00:33.543 S2:00:33.514 S3:00:27.583
33.54333.51427.5832017-10-06 23:02
Monza GPFerrari F40 LMGTO
01:44.185S1:00:36.349 S2:00:37.787 S3:00:30.049
36.34937.78730.0492017-11-30 20:13
Monza GPPorsche 911 RSRGTE
01:44.664S1:00:36.114 S2:00:37.229 S3:00:31.321
36.11437.22931.3212018-04-06 20:16
Monza GPLamborghini Diablo GTRGTO
01:51.091S1:00:38.502 S2:00:40.165 S3:00:32.424
38.50240.16532.4242017-10-05 21:07
Oulton Park InternationalPorsche 911 GT3 RGT3
01:34.842S1:00:33.076 S2:00:35.198 S3:00:26.568
33.07635.19826.5682018-01-10 03:18
Oulton Park InternationalFord Falcon FG V8 SupercarV8
01:34.996S1:00:33.127 S2:00:35.188 S3:00:26.681
33.12735.18826.6812018-01-08 16:09
Oulton Park InternationalMcLaren 650S GT3GT3
01:36.719S1:00:33.412 S2:00:36.395 S3:00:26.912
33.41236.39526.9122018-01-08 14:55
Oulton Park InternationalRenault Mégane Trophy V6Mégane Trophy
01:39.439S1:00:35.070 S2:00:36.789 S3:00:27.580
35.07036.78927.5802018-01-08 15:01
Oulton Park InternationalNissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (R35)GT3
01:39.679S1:00:34.741 S2:00:37.041 S3:00:27.897
34.74137.04127.8972019-01-30 19:49
Oulton Park InternationalBMW 320 TC (E90)TC
01:39.860S1:00:35.014 S2:00:36.545 S3:00:28.301
35.01436.54528.3012019-09-21 14:47
Oulton Park InternationalMercedes-AMG A 45 SMS-R TouringTC
01:41.624S1:00:35.861 S2:00:37.117 S3:00:28.646
35.86137.11728.6462019-09-19 17:57
Oulton Park InternationalPorsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MRGT4
01:43.531S1:00:36.076 S2:00:38.574 S3:00:28.881
36.07638.57428.8812018-01-10 02:47
Oulton Park InternationalRenault Mégane R.S. SMS-R TouringTC
01:43.739S1:00:36.745 S2:00:37.834 S3:00:29.160
36.74537.83429.1602018-01-08 02:22
Oulton Park InternationalRenault Clio CupTC1
01:48.979S1:00:38.189 S2:00:40.057 S3:00:30.733
38.18940.05730.7332018-08-19 20:21
Sakitto GPMercedes-Benz CLK-LMGT1
01:35.844S1:00:31.479 S2:00:38.979 S3:00:25.386
31.47938.97925.3862018-08-13 21:22
Sakitto GPFerrari 488 GT3GT3
01:41.613S1:00:32.973 S2:00:41.420 S3:00:27.220
32.97341.42027.2202019-10-04 14:11
Sakitto GPFerrari 488 Challenge (APAC)Ferrari
01:46.445S1:00:35.100 S2:00:42.679 S3:00:28.666
35.10042.67928.6662018-08-13 20:43
Spa-Francorchamps GPFormula XFX
01:47.040S1:00:28.144 S2:00:48.315 S3:00:30.581
28.14448.31530.5812018-08-29 23:23
Spa-Francorchamps GPPorsche 911 RSRGTE
02:19.779S1:00:37.923 S2:01:01.775 S3:00:40.081
37.92301:01.77540.0812018-08-29 23:13
Spa-Francorchamps GPFerrari 488 GT3GT3
02:20.999S1:00:38.158 S2:01:02.500 S3:00:40.341
38.15801:02.50040.3412018-08-29 22:25
Watkins Glen International GPPorsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MRGT4
01:55.540S1:00:33.439 S2:00:37.210 S3:00:44.891
33.43937.21044.8912018-01-10 02:40
Zhuhai International CircuitFormula Renault 3.5FR35
01:25.120S1:00:24.504 S2:00:33.355 S3:00:27.261
24.50433.35527.2612017-10-01 23:01

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