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Best laptimes for rranosz
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
02:58.459S1:01:01.116 S2:01:22.142 S3:00:35.201
01:01.11601:22.14235.2012019-06-14 18:13
AlgarveFormula XFX
01:39.797S1:00:39.564 S2:00:25.858 S3:00:34.375
39.56425.85834.3752020-02-18 17:28
Azure Circuit GPFormula XFX
01:12.520S1:00:19.619 S2:00:26.639 S3:00:26.262
19.61926.63926.2622019-05-22 17:20
Azure Circuit GPFormula AFA
01:18.981S1:00:21.080 S2:00:28.881 S3:00:29.020
21.08028.88129.0202019-05-17 16:00
Barcelona-Catalunya GPFormula XFX
01:18.298S1:00:19.841 S2:00:29.180 S3:00:29.277
19.84129.18029.2772020-05-09 16:47
Barcelona-Catalunya GPFormula AFA
01:20.899S1:00:20.700 S2:00:30.139 S3:00:30.060
20.70030.13930.0602019-04-30 17:42
Daytona Speedway Tri-OvalFormula AFA
00:36.419S1:00:13.439 S2:00:12.260 S3:00:10.720
13.43912.26010.7202020-05-02 18:04
Daytona Speedway Tri-OvalFormula XFX
00:37.320S1:00:14.120 S2:00:12.479 S3:00:10.721
14.12012.47910.7212020-06-12 21:06
Hockenheim GPFormula XFX
01:17.657S1:00:16.660 S2:00:35.497 S3:00:25.500
16.66035.49725.5002019-07-27 20:41
Imola GPFormula XFX
01:20.560S1:00:26.949 S2:00:33.110 S3:00:20.501
26.94933.11020.5012020-02-18 17:58
Indianapolis OvalFormula XFX
00:37.701S1:00:11.620 S2:00:13.081 S3:00:13.000
11.62013.08113.0002020-05-09 17:34
Monza GPFormula XFX
01:18.378S1:00:27.890 S2:00:28.080 S3:00:22.408
27.89028.08022.4082019-05-27 18:02
Monza GPFormula AFA
01:22.603S1:00:29.353 S2:00:29.340 S3:00:23.910
29.35329.34023.9102019-05-27 15:48
Monza GPFerrari 488 GT3GT3
01:48.844S1:00:37.413 S2:00:39.101 S3:00:32.330
37.41339.10132.3302020-05-04 16:51
Monza GPMercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe SRoad E
02:05.630S1:00:43.943 S2:00:45.531 S3:00:36.156
43.94345.53136.1562021-01-09 20:29
Monza GPAudi A1 quattroRoad F
02:22.429S1:00:50.162 S2:00:50.870 S3:00:41.397
50.16250.87041.3972021-01-09 21:02
Nürburgring NordschleifeFormula XFX
05:39.380S1:01:23.060 S2:02:57.220 S3:01:19.100
01:23.06002:57.22001:19.1002020-02-17 17:59
Red Bull Ring GPFormula XFX
01:04.920S1:00:15.202 S2:00:28.537 S3:00:21.181
15.20228.53721.1812019-06-19 17:54
Red Bull Ring GPFormula AFA
01:12.725S1:00:17.522 S2:00:31.342 S3:00:23.861
17.52231.34223.8612020-05-02 17:17
Red Bull Ring GPBMW Z4 GT3GT3
01:33.624S1:00:23.212 S2:00:39.711 S3:00:30.701
23.21239.71130.7012020-05-01 17:36
Red Bull Ring GPAudi R8 V10 plus 5.2 FSI quattroRoad C
01:44.355S1:00:24.895 S2:00:44.312 S3:00:35.148
24.89544.31235.1482020-12-31 20:26
Red Bull Ring GPMercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe SRoad E
01:45.696S1:00:25.202 S2:00:44.856 S3:00:35.638
25.20244.85635.6382021-01-05 21:04
Red Bull Ring GPMercedes-Benz 300 SL (W194)VGT D
02:17.337S1:00:33.445 S2:00:58.856 S3:00:45.036
33.44558.85645.0362020-12-31 20:02
Silverstone GPFormula XFX
01:28.857S1:00:25.857 S2:00:36.139 S3:00:26.861
25.85736.13926.8612019-07-13 18:53
Spa-Francorchamps GPFormula XFX
01:42.359S1:00:27.078 S2:00:45.760 S3:00:29.521
27.07845.76029.5212020-02-22 18:47
Texas Motor Speedway Tri OvalFormula XFX
00:22.741S1:00:07.279 S2:00:06.959 S3:00:08.503
7.2796.9598.5032020-05-08 17:30

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