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Best laptimes for tofi
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Track Vehicle Class Lap S1 S2 S3 Date S C P
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitFormula XFX
03:08.000S1:01:05.141 S2:01:22.983 S3:00:39.876
01:05.14101:22.98339.8762019-02-23 13:54
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
03:20.123S1:01:09.263 S2:01:29.696 S3:00:41.164
01:09.26301:29.69641.1642019-05-20 16:21
24 Hours of Le Mans CircuitMcLaren P1 GTRTrack A
03:56.079S1:01:21.540 S2:01:44.119 S3:00:50.420
01:21.54001:44.11950.4202019-02-11 15:38
Azure CoastAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
05:39.997S1:02:11.137 S2:02:09.059 S3:01:19.801
02:11.13702:09.05901:19.8012019-11-02 15:01
Azure CoastToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
05:55.065S1:02:18.020 S2:02:13.764 S3:01:23.281
02:18.02002:13.76401:23.2812019-05-10 13:46
Azure CoastChevrolet Corvette C7.RGTE
06:46.630S1:02:38.910 S2:02:31.344 S3:01:36.376
02:38.91002:31.34401:36.3762020-08-02 16:53
Azure Coast WestboundAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
05:43.492S1:01:17.172 S2:02:06.440 S3:02:19.880
01:17.17202:06.44002:19.8802019-05-16 14:16
Azure Coast WestboundRWD P30 LMP1LMP1
06:19.416S1:01:23.796 S2:02:17.578 S3:02:38.042
01:23.79602:17.57802:38.0422019-03-04 13:47
Azure Coast WestboundMarek RP 339H LMP1LMP1
06:23.479S1:01:23.458 S2:02:22.540 S3:02:37.481
01:23.45802:22.54002:37.4812019-02-10 10:44
Bannochbrae Road CircuitAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:45.561S1:00:29.920 S2:00:54.699 S3:00:20.942
29.92054.69920.9422020-11-07 11:32
Bathurst Mount PanoramaAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:44.521S1:00:35.186 S2:00:36.700 S3:00:32.635
35.18636.70032.6352020-08-26 10:32
Brands Hatch GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:08.216S1:00:26.916 S2:00:21.059 S3:00:20.241
26.91621.05920.2412019-11-13 17:55
Brno GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:38.979S1:00:24.069 S2:00:48.136 S3:00:26.774
24.06948.13626.7742019-11-13 17:42
California Highway FullToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
05:56.860S1:02:25.863 S2:02:08.436 S3:01:22.561
02:25.86302:08.43601:22.5612019-05-04 12:43
California Highway ReverseAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
06:07.656S1:01:22.996 S2:02:06.458 S3:02:38.202
01:22.99602:06.45802:38.2022019-05-14 14:13
California Highway ReverseToyota TS040 HybridLMP1
06:15.195S1:01:25.254 S2:02:09.640 S3:02:40.301
01:25.25402:09.64002:40.3012019-05-04 12:11
Dubai Autodrome GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:39.440S1:00:39.481 S2:00:34.059 S3:00:25.900
39.48134.05925.9002019-05-16 15:29
Imola GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:31.715S1:00:30.265 S2:00:37.349 S3:00:24.101
30.26537.34924.1012019-05-16 15:07
Mazda Raceway Laguna SecaAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:08.239S1:00:23.341 S2:00:18.018 S3:00:26.880
23.34118.01826.8802019-05-20 16:35
Mojave Boa AscentAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:03.140S1:00:25.843 S2:00:23.162 S3:00:14.135
25.84323.16214.1352020-01-23 16:27
Nürburgring GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:39.786S1:00:29.899 S2:00:52.280 S3:00:17.607
29.89952.28017.6072020-05-11 12:18
Nürburgring NordschleifeFormula XFX
05:29.400S1:01:27.679 S2:02:46.485 S3:01:15.236
01:27.67902:46.48501:15.2362019-02-21 13:58
Nürburgring NordschleifeAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
05:33.880S1:01:27.620 S2:02:49.939 S3:01:16.321
01:27.62002:49.93901:16.3212020-08-26 15:56
Oulton Park InternationalAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:19.760S1:00:27.333 S2:00:29.990 S3:00:22.437
27.33329.99022.4372019-05-16 14:44
Red Bull Ring GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:14.320S1:00:18.060 S2:00:31.708 S3:00:24.552
18.06031.70824.5522019-05-14 13:12
Road AmericaAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:44.480S1:00:38.599 S2:00:36.200 S3:00:29.681
38.59936.20029.6812020-05-29 16:16
Sakitto GPFormula XFX
01:17.179S1:00:25.916 S2:00:31.959 S3:00:19.304
25.91631.95919.3042020-11-30 18:00
Sakitto GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:23.817S1:00:26.697 S2:00:34.197 S3:00:22.923
26.69734.19722.9232019-05-20 16:54
Silverstone Classic GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:09.346S1:00:29.119 S2:00:27.579 S3:00:12.648
29.11927.57912.6482019-05-16 14:26
Silverstone GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:38.858S1:00:29.319 S2:00:40.078 S3:00:29.461
29.31940.07829.4612020-08-24 13:14
Sonoma Raceway GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:14.279S1:00:16.399 S2:00:32.820 S3:00:25.060
16.39932.82025.0602020-08-27 15:29
Spa-Francorchamps GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:54.739S1:00:32.280 S2:00:48.645 S3:00:33.814
32.28048.64533.8142020-08-24 12:20
Spa-Francorchamps Historic GPFormula XFX
02:38.000S1:00:43.880 S2:01:00.121 S3:00:53.999
43.88001:00.12153.9992019-02-23 14:03
Spa-Francorchamps Historic GPAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
02:52.961S1:00:47.580 S2:01:05.719 S3:00:59.662
47.58001:05.71959.6622019-12-06 18:10
ZolderAudi R18 e-tron quattroLMP1
01:18.400S1:00:27.440 S2:00:25.063 S3:00:25.897
27.44025.06325.8972019-05-22 16:05

tofi has set 35 leaderboard times and holds 1 World Record! Well done!