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Set your username (Xbox gamertag, PSN Online ID, Steam username) to store your settings and to find your laptimes. The username is stored in a cookie. If you just want to test the site, or pretend that you're someone else, this is your chance. I won't tell anyone.

When you have registered your username above, download the latest PCalc from the download page.

Private leagues
You can only be in one league at the time. This might expand later. Right now, to join or create a new league, you have to leave any league you are in.

Create a private league
First, for creating and joining leagues, make sure you have entered your gamertag, and your platform, controller etc above. Otherwise leagues won't work. If you want to setup a private league, enter the league name in the box above and press Submit. Then, get the other league participants to come here, and select the league name from the dropdown below, and press Join selected league.
Now only league participants will be shown on the leaderboard. To see the full leaderboard again, click Filters, and change the Select league dropdown to default ('Select league').

Join a private league
To join a private league, select it below. If it doesn't exist, create it above.